TransCanada provides price and supply stability in a volatile energy market and finds new ways to make more efficient use of energy sources.

We're experts in power generation, generating the electricity for hundreds of thousands of businesses, institutions and households throughout North America. Our power marketing and trading experience helps us manage and supply electricity requirements for a wide range of industrial clients.

Power Generation

Our portfolio includes hydro, solar, wind, simple cycle, combined cycle and natural gas-fired cogeneration plants. Across North America, we operate plants that make innovative use of natural gas, cogeneration and waste by-products, such as waste heat exhaust from nearby pipeline compressor stations.

We are a leading expert in the fuel efficient and environmentally conscious process of cogeneration, which has made us a partner of choice for developing cogeneration facilities for large industrial customers who need a package of energy services.

Power Marketing and Trading

From our offices in Western Canada, Ontario and the northeast U.S., we conduct wholesale and retail electricity marketing and trading throughout North America.

Our marketing and trading operations are backed by solid assets and the strength of TransCanada. With over 65 years of regulatory experience and participation, we're successful in turning regulatory change to the advantage of our customers and partners.

We conduct our marketing and trading activities through our subsidiaries, TransCanada Power Marketing Ltd., TransCanada Energy Ltd., and TransCanada Energy Sales Ltd.

Related Information

Our Energy Assets

TransCanada owns or has interests in over 10,500 megawatts of power generation in Canada and the United States.

Canadian Electricity Association

TransCanada is a member of the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA).