Community and Landowner Relations

TransCanada has a diverse group of stakeholders with many different interests.  Through our public communication and consultation programs we engage regularly with our stakeholders to share information about our plans, help them understand our projects and garner their views. 

We have established a set of principles that govern our dealings with stakeholders.  These principles are based on:

  • Trust, fairness and respect;
  • Aiding in the safety of the public and our facilities;
  • Our commitment to social responsibility with respect to land and landowners from our initial interest in business development through project design.

TransCanada is committed to treating all landowners who may be affected by our project honestly, fairly and with mutual respect.

All landowners will receive fair and equitable compensation for the land easements granted and TransCanada will work closely with them to identify special circumstances, land restrictions, access routes and other construction requirements to minimize disturbance to the land, the landowner and the environment.

We connect with our key community stakeholders such as landowners, municipalities, emergency service organizations and contractors on an on-going basis through the Integrated Public Awareness (IPA) program supported by TransCanada’s wholly owned or operated facilities and activities within both Canada and the United States.  The IPA is a coordinated approach to inform the public of the location of TransCanada facilities and activities.  The level of public awareness provided and the frequency of contact maintained with affected stakeholders is dependent on the specific needs and risks of each region.

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Community and Landowner Relations

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