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Canadian Mainline Winter 2017/2018 Open Season for STFT and ST-SN

July 20 – July 24, 2017

The  monthly service for the 2017/2018 Winter season (November 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018) is now closed.



If you have any questions please contact your Mainline Customer Account Manager.



 Gordon Betts
 Phone: 1.403.920.6834
 Email: gordon_betts@transcanada.com

 Michael Mazier
 Phone: 1.403.920.2651
 Email: mike_mazier@transcanada.com


 Amelia Cheung
 Phone: 1.416.869.2115
 Email: amelia_cheung@transcanada.com

 Reena Mistry
 Phone: 1.416.869.2159
 Email: reena_mistry@transcanada.com