Health, Safety and Environment Commitment Statement


The executive leadership team, management and employees at TransCanada are committed to being an industry leader in Health, Safety and Environmental practices, to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, and to protecting the environment.  We believe excellence in Health, Safety and Environmental practices is vital to the well being of all people everywhere and essential to all aspects of our global business.

The following principles guide and measure our corporate goals and objectives in Health, Safety and Environment:

  • We conduct our business so it meets or exceeds all applicable laws and regulations and minimizes risk to our employees, the public and the environment;
  • We are committed to continuously improving our Health, Safety and Environment performance;
  • We continually promote employee safety on and off the job;
  • We believe all occupational injuries and illnesses are preventable;
  • We respect the diverse environments and cultures in which we operate;
  • We endeavor to do business with companies and contractors which share our Health, Safety and Environment commitment and we regularly assess their performance;
  • We use our influence with companies in which we have partial ownership, to meet our Health, Safety and Environment commitment;
  • We support open communication between TransCanada and the public; and we work with the scientific community, policy makers and public interest groups who research, develop and implement standards for Health, Safety and Environmental protection.
  • We encourage reporting of all Health, Safety and Environment related hazards, potential hazards, incidents and near-hits.  We take every report seriously, investigate to identify facts and ensure immunity for good-faith reporting of all incidents and issues.