Reliable Optimization of the Keystone System

As part of our commitment to operating the Keystone Pipeline System safely, in a responsible manner and in compliance with all regulatory codes, TransCanada is conducting proactive and scheduled maintenance work on the existing Keystone Pipeline. This maintenance work is being done to meet guidelines issued by the U.S. federal pipeline regulator, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA). In response to these guidelines, TransCanada will be replacing joints of pipe on the Keystone Pipeline in Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, South Dakota and Nebraska. Upon completion of this maintenance work TransCanada will be able to operate the pipeline at its originally intended and approved operating pressure.

The maintenance work began in May 2016 and will take until mid-2017 to complete.

The Keystone Pipeline continues to operate safely and there is no public safety issue or integrity concern with the pipeline.

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Reliable Optimization of the Keystone System Fact Sheet (PDF, 212 KB)

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