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Who to Contact

We can be reached by contacting any of the people listed below.

Last Name First Name Title Team Phone Fax Email
DeOliveira Paulo Analyst Tolls 1.403.920.7154 1.403.920.2386
Grassick Sherri Lynn Analyst Contracting 1.403.920.2064 1.403.920.2446
General Inquiries The Pipe Line Noms & Allocations 1.403.920.PIPE (7473) 1.403.920.2433
Mainline Volume Planners Park and Loans (PALS) 1.403.920.5500 1.403.920.2447
McEwen Mike Analyst Billing 1.587.933.0783 1.403.920.2303

Last Name First Name Title Team Phone Fax Email
Bell Don Director/President Commercial East - Toronto 1.416.869.2191 1.416.869.2119
Gent Graham Supervisor Eastern Pipelines & Foothills BC 1.403.920.6846 1.403.920.2446
Harris Alex Director Commercial East - Calgary 1.403.920.6201 1.403.920.2451
Marchet Norma Manager Credit & Contracting West 1.403.920.6258 1.403.920.2446
Miles Barbara Manager Billing, Quality and Contracting East 1.403.920.5780 1.403.920.2446
Proctor Marlene Supervisor Western Pipelines 1.403.920.2686 1.403.920.2433
Stringer Tim Customer Acct. Manager Commercial East - Toronto 1.416.869.2177 1.416.869.2119
Webb Bill Manager Nominations and Allocations 1.403.920.6840 1.403.920.2433