Albersun Pipeline Asset Purchase

NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd. (NGTL), a wholly owned subsidiary of TransCanada PipeLines Limited (TransCanada), is proposing to purchase and assume operation of sections of the existing Albersun Pipeline System, currently owned by Suncor Energy Logistics Corporation (Suncor). This existing Albersun Pipeline System provides natural gas delivery services within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. The assets NGTL intends to acquire from Suncor and incorporate into the NGTL System include:

  • 141 km of NPS 10 pipeline extending from a point at or near 06-13-92-10 W4 to the Crow Lake Sales interconnect at or near 8-33-79-14 W4
  • 20.9 km of NPS 6 pipeline extending from 16-21- 86-10 W4 to 7-27-85-8 W4
  • 8.7 km of NPS 3 pipeline extending from 7-27- 85-8 W4 to a point at or near 10-33-85-7 W4
  • 6.2 km of NPS 8 pipeline extending from 12-21-92- 10 W4 to a point at or near 6-13-92-10 W4
  • Less than 100 metres of NPS 6 pipeline located in 8-15-92-10 W4 connecting Suncor’s NPS 24 Mildred Lake pipeline to the Suncor Crossover Lateral
  • All facilities attached to, and forming part of, the aforementioned pipelines

This acquisition will require the approval of both the National Energy Board (NEB) and the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER). Separate applications will be filed by Suncor and NGTL with the AER and NEB, respectively, to acquire the necessary approvals. The NGTL System is regulated by the NEB and if approved, the facilities in the acquisition, which are currently regulated by the AER, would become part of the NGTL System and subject to NEB jurisdiction following the acquisition. Subject to regulatory approval, it is anticipated that the transfer will be completed in 2017.

On April 27, 2016, TransCanada formally filed an application to the National Energy Board (NEB) including a request for approval to acquire facilities from Suncor pursuant to section 74 of the NEB Act and for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to operate the facilities acquired from Suncor pursuant to section 52 of the NEB Act, once acquired. A copy of the application submitted to the NEB is available on the regulator’s website.

As per the direction of the NEB, the Project application will proceed to a public hearing. Instructions on how to apply to participate in the hearing are provided in the Notice of Public Hearing and Application to Participate for the Project which was issued by the NEB on October 7, 2016. All applications from interested parties to participate in the hearing process for the Project must be received by the NEB by no later than 4:00 p.m. (MST) on October 31, 2016.

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