TransCanada's Emergency Response Plans

Our goal is to ensure that our pipelines and energy facilities operate safely every day, and that the public, our employees and the environment are not negatively affected by an incident involving our assets.

We have a top industry record for safe operations; however, we still believe every incident is preventable and continue toward our goal of realizing zero safety incidents.

Being prepared for the rare cases when something does go wrong is part of our commitment to ensuring the safety of the communities where we operate.

In the event of an emergency, our goal is to ensure an effective, coordinated response to contain and control any incident in order to minimize harm to people, property, the environment and company operations. Emergency Response Plans have been developed to address emergencies at any of our assets. These plans outline the steps we will take to respond in the unlikely event of an incident.

Emergency Response Plans include procedures to ensure required notifications and response actions are carried out as quickly as possible. Emergency Response Plans contain the most relevant information for the TransCanada Response Organization and for emergency services who may be impacted by an incident at a TransCanada facility. They provide information on how TransCanada will manage an incident, including working with emergency service organizations during the initial stages of an incident.

Although we consult emergency services during the development of our Emergency Response Plans, we also encourage communities to review these documents if they are interested in better understanding the TransCanada Emergency Management Program. Please use the form below to view our Emergency Management Corporate Program Manual and Emergency Response Plans.

NEB Letters

Consultation on proposed changes to Emergency Management Filing Requirements in the Board’s filing manual.

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All States: 01-800-111-3333

Emergency Numbers

Canada: 1-888-982-7222

U.S.: 1-800-447-8066
Portland Natural Gas Transmission System (PNGTS): 1-800-830-9865
Columbia Gas Transmission, Crossroads Pipeline, Hardy Storage Company & Millennium Pipeline: 1-800-835-7191
Columbia Gulf Transmission: 1-866-485-3427
Columbia Midstream: 1-855-511-4942

Mexico: 01-800-111-3333

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