King's North Connection Project

TransCanada will construct, own and operate a new natural gas transmission pipeline in the communities of Vaughan, Brampton and Toronto in order to continue to provide homes, businesses, schools and hospitals in Ontario and Eastern Canada with a safe and reliable source of natural gas.

The King’s North Connection (KNC) Project consists of approximately 11 kilometres of 36-inch diameter natural gas pipeline located in the cities of Vaughan, Brampton and Toronto. The majority of the pipeline route is located east of Highway 50 and Huntington Road in the City of Vaughan, while a small portion of the route will be located in the cities of Brampton and Toronto. The new pipeline will connect with a new Enbridge meter station at Albion Road in Toronto, parallel the current and future Highway 427, and tie into TransCanada’s existing pipeline at Major MacKenzie Drive in Vaughan. The final route for this pipeline reflects the outcomes of stakeholder and Aboriginal engagement, environmental assessment and engineering studies.

TransCanada received approval to construct the project from the National Energy Board on June 2, 2015.

Construction of the project began in November 2015, and will take approximately 9 to 12 months, depending on seasonal and environmental conditions. Clean-up and reclamation is anticipated to take up to two years after construction is complete.

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