TransCanada is meeting the growing demand for energy across North America — and maximizing our pipeline infrastructure — through innovative and strategic pipeline solutions that will transport Canadian crude oil, as well as U.S. domestic crude oil to key U.S. markets in the Midwest and U.S. Gulf Coast.

Keystone Pipeline System 

The Keystone Pipeline System is a 2,639-mile (4,247-kilometre) pipeline system that transports crude oil from Hardisty, Alta., to markets in the American Midwest and the U.S. Gulf Coast. The Canadian portion of the pipeline runs from Hardisty east into Manitoba where it turns south and crosses the border into North Dakota. From North Dakota, the pipeline runs south through South Dakota and Nebraska. At Steele City, Neb., one arm of the pipeline runs east through Missouri for deliveries into Wood River and Patoka, Illinois; another arm runs south through Oklahoma for deliveries into Cushing and continues south for deliveries into Port Arthur, Texas.

Deliveries to Wood River and Patoka began in the summer of 2010, and deliveries to Cushing began in February of 2011. Crude oil transportation service to the Gulf Coast began in January, 2014.

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Marketlink provides receipt facilities to transport U.S. crude oil production from Cushing, Okla., to the U.S. Gulf Coast via the Gulf Coast extension of the Keystone Pipeline System.

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