Public Safety and Awareness

Our Public Awareness Program

TransCanada’s Public Awareness Program is dedicated to ensuring the safety of those living and working near our facilities. We aim to educate the public about the importance of calling before they dig or cross, reporting any suspicious activity near our facilities and detecting pipeline leaks.

TransCanada has identified six key stakeholders with whom we share pipeline safety information:

  • Homeowners, Tenants and Businesses: also referred to as the “Affected Public,” this group includes anyone living or working near a TransCanada right-of-way.

  • Excavators and Contractors: Excavators and Contractors include anyone who may be digging or crossing our pipeline right-of-way as part of their profession. We communicate the safety precautions that should be taken when conducting work near pipelines and how to respond if a pipeline is struck.

  • Emergency Responders: Emergency Responders include any first responder, volunteer or professional, who could be expected to respond in the unlikely event of a pipeline incident. We explain how TransCanada works with Emergency Responders to protect the public and the environment. To request TransCanada Emergency Response materials, please email or call 1.855.458.6715.

  • Public Officials: TransCanada works together with local public officials to prevent pipeline incidents by promoting and enforcing safe excavation practices throughout the community and by considering the locations of existing pipelines during permitting and planning processes.

  • Youth: TransCanada has developed pipeline and other underground utility safety messaging for children ages 9-12 and teens ages 15-18. We are active in both the community and the classroom, sharing information about what someone could see, smell or hear in the event of a pipeline leak and how important it is to have underground utilities marked before digging. For information on our Youth program, please visit

  • Farmers: Certain farming activities, such as installing drain tile or subsoiling, have the potential to impact underground pipelines. TransCanada works closely with farmers to ensure they can complete their activities without damaging a pipeline.

If you have questions about our Public Awareness program or would like to request safety information, please email us at or call 1.855.458.6715. We’d be happy to assist you.

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All States: 01-800-111-3333

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Canada: 1-888-982-7222

U.S.: 1-800-447-8066
Portland Natural Gas Transmission System (PNGTS): 1-800-830-9865
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Columbia Midstream: 1-855-511-4942

Mexico: 01-800-111-3333

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