Towerbirch Expansion Project

TransCanada is pleased to receive federal government approval for the Towerbirch Expansion Project. This important piece of infrastructure will add much needed pipeline capacity on TransCanada’s NGTL System. This $439 million project has strong support from natural gas producers who are looking to move their gas from northeast British Columbia to markets throughout North America.

Pre-construction conditions are currently being met, construction contracts are being awarded and we expect to begin building in April 2017. The Towerbirch pipeline facilities are expected to be in-service in the fourth quarter of 2017. The project consists of:

  • 55 km of 36-inch pipeline paralleling the existing NGTL Groundbirch Mainline
  • Tower Lake Section: 32 km of 30-inch pipeline paralleling existing 3rd party pipeline(s)
  • four new receipt meter stations
  • one expansion to an existing meter station

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