Transfer Agent

If you are a registered shareholder and would like to:

  • change your address,* 
  • eliminate multiple mailings, or 
  • request information about dividend cheques, share certificates, stock transfers or dividend reinvestment plan account updates.

Please contact our transfer agent at:

Computershare Trust Company
100 University Avenue, 8th Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M5J 2Y1

1.800.340.5024 (Toll-free within North America)
1.514.982.7959 (outside North America)

1.888.453.0330 (Toll-free within North America)
1.416.263.9394 (outside North America)


* Please note due to security reasons, a change of address will only be accepted by telephone or in writing via post-mail.

Information for Beneficial Shareholders

If you are a beneficial shareholder (your shares are held by your broker in the name of the brokerage house), questions should be directed to your broker on all administrative matters. If you would like to receive quarterly reports, please write, call or e-mail Computershare Trust Company of Canada with your name and address.

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